We hand-pick suppliers to suit different processes and solve manufacturing problems for many years. We design our products to suit their strengths; knowing when a 12 axis bar fed lathe can produce a part normally associated with the more labour intensive process of milling by subtly adjusting its form can reduce part cost by reducing labour. We have successfully reduced the cost of parts manufactured in bulk in China using UK suppliers who we know and trust.


We work closely with our suppliers including moulding and casting companies, have contacts in China and Taiwan to reduce tooling costs and can manage the process on your behalf allowing you to focus on sales on marketing whilst we project manage.


Whenever appropriate, we can manufacture and assemble small-to-medium batches of parts and assemblies in-house, developing and organising the manufacture of bespoke packaging solutions.


Our knowledge of plastics and plastic fabrication along with our flat bed router, allow us to create unique solutions to components that might otherwise require high initial investment costs.


Our neighbours & sister company CEMCO are manufacturers of bespoke automation equipment. They have developed machines for industries such as hot air solder leveling, crystalline growth and contact free process technology. They provide us with a wealth of engineering and supplier experience. Having been in the industry since 1978, there are few problems we haven’t solved together.

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