One thing that separates us from our competitors is our prototyping facilities. With firm roots in engineering, we have in-house access to precision manufacturing equipment, including; CNC mills, a flat bed router, lathes, gear cutter, aqua blaster, wall saws, hand tools. measuring and quality control equipment, plastic and metal fabrication, electronics , fluid and pneumatic run up, to name but a few. We also offer several rapid prototype techniques including 3D printing, thermo moulding, and rapid casting.


We can develop prototypes representative of future production batches quickly, proving your design both aesthetically and functionally.


When required we can produce short production runs with little to no investment getting your product into the field faster whilst you invest in tooling for larger, more economic production batches in the future.


Prototyping is the foundation of good design - design, build, test, refine. Prototyping in house teaches us things you cant learn from CAD and enables us to engineer a product to not only work well, but also be efficient to manufacture and assemble.

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